Our service offers

First off

You need to choose a Wix Template

Click here to vire the templates


Please note: you may find it confusing looking at these templates as they won't relate to your business but please note how they flow and work

Once you have chosen your template 

We will create a website for you or your business, which will include the following, based on the template design you have chosen from the Wix template list:

  • Amend the Wix Template to your colours and style

  • Apply your prefered fonts

  • Add images & video you supply or choose from the Wix Picture library

  • Add in your text descriptions

  • Include your Terms and conditions

  • Include your Privacy Policy 


  • Ecommerce Set Up Fee

  • Site Membership Set-Up

  • Booking Management system

  • Photography

  • Video

  • QR Code marketing

  • Travel

  • Email Marketing

  • Surveys

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Start from Scratch Wix Website (Not utilising a Wix Template)​

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